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Parents Review

Sara, mother of Pietro age 2 years June 2017 :
The experience at Monroe’s Nursery was great. Pietro was always very happy to join his class in the morning and I did not expect he would be able to learn so many things in very different fields. What I found most amazing is the friendly atmosphere that Miss Clare and the assistants were able to create for the group

Mum of Michael age 3.5 years. June 2017:
We would like to thank Miss Francesca for her energy, she spends with the turtle class. Her engagement is out of this world. I wish Mikey could stay forever with her.

Mother of Alessie age 8 months May 2017:
We are so happy to have Alessie at Monroes! You are all so warm and caring persons and we can really see that Alessie enjoys being with you!! We feel that our baby is in such a good care at Monroes and that feels good, you are really wonderful.

Arhans parent :
My son loves coming to school every day. He’s been here since he was 10 months old and the last year Monroe’s teachers have been a huge part of his life. It is lovely to see all of you invest so much love, care and time in our kids growth. Thank You Monroe's

We brought our son from 5.5 months and from the very first day Monroe’s staff have felt more like family. My son has loved coming here from day one. He has never cried when I dropped him off, and the staff are incredibly caring, welcoming and understanding. We looked at a lot of nurseries for our baby and Monroe’s was by far the best!
Thank You Monroe's

Sofia (Daniels mum):
Thank you so much for excellent facilities and friendly staff in Monroe’s. We can see the change and development in our son since starting the nursery. My son is very happy.

Since joining the nursery we have seen Jack grow and develop so much at Monroe’s. Ms Clare, Ms Armie and Ms Sheryl are a delight and we know he is in great hands!
Thank You Monroe's

Dominic’s parents:
We have only fond words of how we are pleased with our little man’s development. We were very encouraged with his progress and we feel you do a fantastic job.
Thank You Monroe's

My choice to put my child in Monroe's Nursery was one of the easiest most instantaneous decisions i could make. The staff is good and very friendly, nursery is clean. The facilities are tailor made to fit the needs of the children. All other activities held in the nursery are very great.
Thank You Monroe's

My daughter attends Monroe's Nursery and I am very happy with the Nursery ,the staff very friendly and approachable.

We would like to thank Monroe's Nursery team taking care of my son ,its always easy to say that we are getting the service for the money that we pay for ,but up to my knowledge this is one of the best nursery which has various activities which help the children to learn things on their own. I thank the entire team for the great efforts for providing quality environment.

Sherry ageishi says:
January 28, 2015, 11:10 am
This is one of the best nursery which has various activities which help the children to learn things on their own. I thank the entire team for the great efforts for providing quality environment.
Thank You Monroe's

Anna says:
January 6, 2015, 2:37 pm
Monroe's Nursery is the perfect place we have been looking for.we like the friendly environment in the nursery is providing every child is treated individually and not just a piece of puzzle. I noticed in the report i got at the end of the term that my daughter was closely observed.The activities held in the nursery are very great.always thankful to Monroes.

Olivia Cenzan:
We are very happy with the Nursery so far ,the development in our son since he has been to the nursery is appreciable. Monroe's Nursery is the second home for my son .all the staff you have and facilities, everything we Love It....

doris MIss:
Excellent Nursery in JBR. It has a nurturing, loving environment and includes a play area. Our son started as Monroe's Nursery three months ago. Since he is an observer, he did not interact a lot with the other kids when he joined. However, now he now knows everyone's name and tells us who his friends are in class. Thank you Monroe's.

kathrine Joy :
Hi Monroe's, I just wanted to say what a fabulous staff u had ,my daughter finish her second term i never think that your staff will take care of my daughter like this really am happy apart from this the events and tour held in your nursery is really great. Thank you Monroe's...

Joceline Joe :
Thanks Monroes, Fabulous staff you had, my son finish his first term you all have taken good care and everything, the events, Tours that are held at the Nursery are good. I wish you all the best and hope this nursery will be best nursery in Dubai.

Annabelle Anna:
Happy New Year...Excellent staff i have seen ever before ,i love the nursery the way they teaching and caring to my child is great loving it. thank you Monroe's Nursery , i wish you all the best

Doris Karen:
Thumbs up to Monroe's Nursery...
Recommended by a friend, and we love this place. My daughter loves her teachers. a superb environment for the kids with lots of activities.

Anna Ava:
My son started Going Nursery ,I wondered when he starts using English words and enjoying with his friends in nursery, Thank you Monroe's.

I feel like my son has gained so much confidence since attending Ms. Claire's Starfish class. The assistants, Maryam & Aloha, are so attentive and just amazing with the children. I couldn't be happier with this nursery, truly! My son comes home from nursery every week with a new word or excitement over something he's learned. I feel like the entire staff care about my child. The other room teachers even know my child's probably doesn't hurt that my son is ridiculously cute, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it, they are all so great and it's a special place!

Kind Regards,
Declan's Mom, Larissa :)

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