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Monroes Nursery Philosophy

Monroes Nursery promote and believe that all children are our future. We will endeavor to provide a safe, clean and caring environment and encourage family relationships and community involvement. We believe through play, children explore, experiment, enjoy and discover their physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them. We embrace, respect and accept children from different cultures, religions and lifestyle. We believe in providing children with special needs every opportunity to reach their full potential in an integrated setting. We offer childcare that enhances your child?s learning while developing fantastic social skills.

What Makes Us Different

We like to believe that we do things differently here at Monroes Nursery. With unique and fun learning activities including Messy Play, Splash Day, Jolly Phonics, Baby Aerobics, story sessions and our nutritionally balanced healthy Lunch Box of the Week Ideas…


It is important that starting right now you are thinking of this nursery as your Nursery. Your input and contribution will always be welcome. We will do all we can to make you and your child feel like this is your home away from home. Experience has shown us that in order for our nursery to operate happily and smoothly, certain guidelines and policies need to be implemented. This handbook does that in a way which makes you, the Parents, Staff and Management fully aware of each other's rights and obligations. The under mentioned information pertaining to your child's Development is prepared within the guidelines of the regulatory bodies. (please refer to the parent policy & procedure folder kept in reception for parents to view at anytime)

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