As part of our ‘Keeping Healthy’ topic, we arranged for the children to take part in an exciting trip to Just Play sports HQ, located off Sheikh Zayed road.

The children participated in a tailored, age appropriate program of sporting activities to support and develop the benefits as shown below.

The first 5 years of life are fundamental to children’s growth and development. Various physical and psychological developments occur in young children, which form the foundation for future health and wellbeing. During the early years, physical activity impacts on children’s health and plays a key role in their development.

Physical activity can support:

Develop motor skills – being active helps young children’s balance, coordination and mobility;

Building strong muscles and bones – active children have the opportunity to enhance bone health and muscular development;

Learning personal, social and emotional skills – physical activity can help develop skills, such as self-esteem, developing resilience, confidence and problem solving skills.

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