Potty Training Tips for Boys and Girls.

Potty training is a complex process, and it can be tricky to know what the best approach is because every child learns differently, boys may learn differently from girls, and there is no one best way to teach the necessary skills.


To help you in your little one's potty training adventure, we've compiled a list of tips to help your toddler get the hang of potty training:


*Make sure your child is ready. Try not to rush the process success. Look for the signs of readiness in your child before starting to potty train your little one.


*Get your child involved in choosing the potty. If possible, go shopping for the potty with your child. It will make him feel more included and more excited about using his brand-new potty.


*Place the potty in a convenient spot. The bathroom is the obvious location (and putting it there may help your child make the connection that going potty happens in the bathroom), but you may also want to think about placing the potty in your child's bedroom for easy access after naps, or in theplayroom


*Get on a potty schedule. Once your little one starts potty training, implement a simple schedule. For example, you could encourage going on the potty after eating or after naptime. This lets your child know that going potty is a routine thing


*Shower your baby with praise. When your little one does a good job on the potty, tell him to keep his motivation high and to reinforce that he's doing a great job.


*Potty train before bedtime and after waking. Itís a good idea to take your baby to the potty before she goes to bed and as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

*Donít flush right away. If youíre using your toilet to train, donít flush right after your child has used the toilet. The flushing sound can be especially scary in the initial stages of toilet training. Introduce the concept of flushing gradually, perhaps once your toddler has gotten the hang of going toilet , and make a fun game out of it ó almost like letting your little one press an elevator button.


*Remember regression can happen. During the potty training phase, you might hit a snag or encounter setbacks. This is a normal and natural part of the learning process. Donít be discouraged if this happens. Be patient. Give it time.