Helping your child transition from Nursery to


The move from nursery to ‘big’ school can be a very exciting but stressful time for children and parents.

Here are a few helpful tips to make the transition smoother.

By Miss Francesca – Monroe’s Nursery JBR

Photo Transition

A photo transition is one of the best ways to show your child where they will be going and what type of activities, they will be able to do at big school. This allows the children to visualise the changes from their nursery environment to their new big school.

By Miss Francesca – Monroe’s Nursery JBR

Reading books

Read books on ‘going to school.’ This allows the children to understand that change and going to school is normal and exciting.

Topsy and Tim Start School

Little Owl's First Day

Chu's First Day of School

Wow! School!'

By Miss Francesca – Monroe’s Nursery JBR


Encouraging children’s independence – once your child starts school, they are encouraged to be more independent than they were at nursery. This is a definite for personal hygiene e.g. using the toilet and washing hands etc. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could encourage your children to attend to these needs themselves as much as possible.

Talk about the changes that are to come

As the time approaches over when your little ones are beginning to make their transition from nursery to school, one of the best ways to do this is to talk freely with your child. Talking about how much how a fantastic time they are going to happen. Discuss with them about who might be going to the same school, whether it be a family member, neighbor or friend. Make this a familiar

By Miss Francesca – Monroe’s Nursery JBR

place for them. Show them pictures of the school and even of the school uniform so they are aware of what they will wear. All of these steps will create an easier transition for you and your child.

Make it exciting:

We all know that children love to have something new and of their choosing. This is a great way to make new school exciting. Buying a new school bag or lunchbox can be exciting for them. This also allows them to have that independence of something that they want whether it’s their favourite colour bag or favourite character from a TV show. This will enable your child to feel more settled and confident about their move to ‘big’ school!

By Miss Francesca – Monroe’s Nursery JBR