Practical Life Activities- Preparation for Life

What are the Exercises of Practical Life Activities?

Practical Life activities are routine task that you perform each day like getting dressed and washed, preparing food, setting and clearing a table at mealtimes, washing up, and generally cleaning and tidying the house. These are all activities which a child watches everyday and sometimes attempts to imitate. The child having been influenced by the adult’s daily routine since birth, is keenly interested in these actions. However, the child is fascinated by the activity itself and not the end result. This is the crucial difference between the view of the adult and that of a child.

Why do we have Practical Life Activities?

These activities lead a child to make intelligent choices and become physically and then mentally independent and responsible. The child learns to concentrate, control muscles, move, and act with care, focus, analyse logical steps, and complete a cycle of activity. This is the foundation for mental and physical work in all other areas, not just in early childhood but also throughout life.