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Promoting imagination, learning and knowledge

When engaging in a book we imagine charactors and what they do in the story as we read, reading stories to children whilst looking at the illistration helps the children to build on their imagination. The children can then use what they have imagined in play, pretending to be a charactor from a book or playing out a scenario. Reading will encourage the children to be creative, remembering scenarios from different stories they like and putting them into play in their own lives. Alot of knowledge can be learnt from books, they can be about different topics that interest the children, teaching facts, manners and morrals. Some books can help with certain transitions such as moving home, schools or toilet training. Reading stories about transitions will prepare children with what to expect in real life and make them feel more relaxed and assured. It is fantastic when a child gets to know a story and we see them get excited when they know what happens next, its also nice when a child starts getting creative and imagines what could happen in stories which is great pratice for their cognitive thinking.


Language and literacy development

Although we all talk to each other and are communicating with children every day, our language is limited to our daily routines. Reading stories opens up and exposes children to new vocabulary, using words of description and expressive language that will help children to express themselves and communicate their ideas and needs. Expanding a child’s vocabulary also expands their knowledge, providing them with more words that they will use in their thinking, understanding and playing. When reading stories it is common for children to be interested in the words as well as the illustrations, by pointing at the words as we read, we are teaching the children to recognise letters and words written as well as listening to the different sounds we make. Even babies are naturally interested in the sounds we make when reading, toddlers and children will also start to recognise the pitch and rhythm we talk, learning to alternate their tone when communicating.

Time to build a


Reading together provides

time to build a bond

between child and adult. The time spent reading a book is good quality time, learning and talking about the topic of the book. This

quality time could be

before bed or cuddling on

the sofa. Children will

listen, appreciate and learn from this quality time spent with a loved one.