Stages of Writing through Nursery

Monroes Nursery

This article covers how children learn how to write, as writing may seem easy to you and I but for a child there are many stages to go through before we pick up a pencil. Let me show you how we support the children through all their individual needs

Stages of Writing throughout Nursery

“Before we ever put a pencil in a child’s hands, those hands should dig, climb, press, pull, squish, twist, and pinch a wide array of environments and a wide variety of materials” – Amanda Morgan

The development of writing is a fascinating aspect of early child development.

Parents you naturally worry and we understand. We make sure your child has an

enriched learning experience within the EYFS focusing on learning through play. This allows your child to learn in a fun way whilst acquiring the skills needed whether it is for mathematics or writing, all areas of development are covered through fun and immersive experiences.

Children from the start learn in different ways to manipulate objects and items some of these ways you may be doing at home and not even realise it!


By shaping playdough in different ways, by pushing, pulling, squashing, squeezing, rolling, chopping, cutting. Children are

building and developing their fine motor skills.

This activity helps children develop the muscles in their

hands. Using these different ways of moulding the playdough, helps them develop their strength needed to

put pressure on the pencils.


Now, what child doesn’t love stickers? The process of using your thumb and index finger enables you to pick up smaller items like pencils later on. Getting these tricky stickers off the sheets in the first place can be a challenging and fun activity for the children.