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Firstly I have always had a passion and love for children. Working as a pediatrician for many years I understood children and was inspired to open the Nursery for my own son Faris. I believed that no Nursery I looked at showed the nurture, warmth, learning, fun, commitment and safety that I valued as a parent. All aspects of a Nursery I believe you want for your child. For your child you want the best it's simple. Monroe's Nursery was a dream for us, we knew we wanted the best in everything, location, staff, furniture, equipment and resources. This enabled us to provide an environment that is exciting, fun, stimulating and offered so many opportunities to open the mind and explore.I will be in the Nursery every day to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained. Thank you so much for your interest in our Nursery and I look forward to meeting you on our opening day.

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